Good, productive relationships with your employer

Good, productive relationships with your employer

Good, productive relationships, where there is no lack of respect are the key to success for a company. This includes the relationship you have with your employer. While an employer’s top priority is to have diligent employees who fulfill his vision for the company, in addition an employer would like to have more than just professional relationships with the people he works with.

After all, the employer spends a lot of time with the staff, as a result a cold and unfriendly relationship would not make any sense to both parties and would affect the performance of the company.
The employer plays a key role in your career advancement, so the more he knows about your personality, your job, and your work ethic, the more likely you are to be rewarded.

A healthy and respectful relationship in relation to it, improves your morale and productivity, respectively such a relationship positively affects your career.

If you are interested in a better relationship with your employer, the Tregu Punes offers you some suggestions for creating a better relationship:

Take the initiative to schedule monthly meetings

It is important for employees to take the initiative to hold individual meetings with their employer during the month. This helps to assess the current situation in the company, to highlight the results achieved and priorities for the future.
Also, during meetings, discuss the status of current projects, present ideas you have for the future, and find out if you agree with your employer and his or her goals.

Show your values

It is important to remember that you are employed because you possess special skills that the company values. As such, you can often offer different perspectives from your employer. A good employer would not want employees to always agree with him, but also talk about the needs, reality and challenges that the company is going through and that need to be addressed, thus you show the determination you have in what you believe.

Try to have communication as open as possible

How many times have you told your employer that one of his or her ideas is not so great? It may be scary conversation for any employee, but it is important to communicate freely as an open-minded employer would appreciate your initiative for new innovative ideas.

Offer help

Express willingness to help with any project even if you are not required to do so. Many employers are busy all the time and often do not talk about whether they need help. Therefore, during your conversation ask them if they need help with any particular project.

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