How to find a job even without work experience?

How to find a job even without work experience?

Many people take a long time to make a decision about their career or even find a job. This is even more difficult when you have no work experience or are just starting out in your career. Finding a new job is not a very simple process. However, there are some ways you can enter the job market even if you have no experience.

Paid internships

Research paid internships, or just contact a particular company and express a desire to do an internship at that company. Internship is a very good way to start a career, even without having qualifications. By performing an internship, you can gain quite a bit of knowledge in a certain field. There are also times when young people need to do an internship just to be part of the company.


In certain professions, proper education and qualification are definitely needed. For example, professions such as doctor, professor, lawyer, can not be practiced if you do not have the necessary education. Fortunately, many fields or sectors do not require qualifications and there are many other ways to get into the profession. However, having a qualification is always a good thing for your career.

Voluntary work

Volunteering can give you valuable experiences. By doing volunteer work, you can get to know yourself better and create some traits you may not have had before. Volunteering can also make it easier for you to decide in the future whether you want to do a certain job or not. By volunteering, you will also create a wide network of people.

The circle of people you know

Often, employers can also be very demanding about candidates, their qualifications or experiences. What many people overlook is maintaining contacts. The circle of people you have created over the years can help you get involved in an area of interest. Therefore, maintain contact with people.

Your skills

Identify what skills you possess that you think could serve you well in your career. Underline all the skills in your CV, elaborate on why these skills make you a good candidate for the position being offered. When creating your CV, try to put yourself in the position of those who will be interviewing you. Why do you think they should hire you? This should reflect everything you write in your CV and cover letter, as well as what you will say in the job interview.

Adjusting your CV

All employers want to know the stories of the candidates they are interviewing. You can talk about the courses you have attended, trainings, seminars, etc. Remember that employers do not always require work experience. Many of them focus on the candidate’s ability to bring something new to the company. ¬©

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