The importance of time management !!!


The importance we place on time management in the workplace says a lot about us. Well-managed time in the workplace means increased productivity and reduced stress. The goal of time management is to get people to do the job better, saving time and energy. TreguPunes, recommends some tips that you can apply to improve your time management skills:

Make an assessment of how you are managing your time at the moment.

If you want to adjust your time management, you must first evaluate how you are using your current time. Make a list of the following daily and weekly tasks:

  • Set yourself tasks and accomplishments that you can accomplish during the day;
  • Identify priorities;
  • Focus on the activities that you most anticipate.

After such an assessment, it will be quite clear how you can manage time, avoiding activities, unproductive conversations. This way, you will be aware of exactly how much time daily tasks take and how much time you have left for other tasks.

Create a daily schedule

Always carry a notebook with you and list all the tasks you plan to do and plan to complete during the day. This is a crucial step for a better time management. Therefore, do not start the day without an organized list of daily tasks that you plan to perform. Before the end of the work schedule, make a to-do list for the next day. If you get into the habit of listing tasks with priority, this enables you not to worry at night about the next day at work.

Manage stress

Stress often occurs when we accept more work than the potential we have. Thus, our body begins to feel tired, which affects productivity. When you start to feel tired and stressed, take 10-15 minute breaks as they help you avoid stress. If a certain task causes you stress and you think you can not complete it on time, it is very normal to seek help or consult with other colleagues.

Avoid distractions

Social networks, phone use, various messages that you can receive are just some of the distractions at work that consume your time and affect productivity. Therefore, eliminating them while you are at work, results in better time management and completion of tasks on time.

Learn to say NO

You will never be able to learn time management at work if you have trouble saying no to others. Only you, as the parent can know for sure what your goals are and what your priorities are. So if you have to cancel a request to focus on the most important tasks, do not hesitate to do so.


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